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The tasks of the Department of Neuroanatomy in research and teaching are manifold. In teaching, we are responsible for all aspects of teaching microscopic and macroscopic anatomy in the human medicine and dentistry curricula of the UMG within the Center Anatomy. Modern imaging methods are also used (computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, sonography, digital anatomy). Furthermore, we are involved in teaching for the bachelor's and master's degree courses in "Molecular Medicine" and "IMPRS Neuroscience" at the UMG and in the course "Developmental Neural and Behavioral Biology" at the Georg-August University.

Our research in a highly motivated team aims at a detailed understanding of the functional anatomy of the cerebral cortex, at the cellular as well as at the synaptic network level. Using the model system of the primary somatosensory cortex of rodents, we use transgenic mice to investigate the contribution of excitatory and inhibitory nerve cells to the perception of sensory stimuli. We also study the molecular basis of the development of the cerebral cortex. Through our publications, we contribute to improving the understanding of these highly complex processes. Our research is financially supported nationally by individual grants from the DFG (Gepris) and internationally by collaborative research projects (Neuronex).

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Jochen Staiger and team,
Professor for Neuroanatomy
Department director

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The team of the department is at your disposal as contact person for technical questions.

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The Department of Neuroanatomy and its staff are significantly involved in the education of the state examination programs in human medicine and dentistry.

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We use various model systems to investigate the functional anatomy of the brain and in particular the cerebral cortex.

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